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International Clan Gathering

The Duke of Atholl's private army<br />
The Gathering 2009, Edinburgh

The Duke of Atholl's private army
The Gathering 2009, Edinburgh

The Gathering 2009 was a two-day weekend event, celebrating Scottish culture, held between 25–26 July 2009, as part of Homecoming 2009.

The event was held at Holyrood Park, Scotland, and attracted around 47,000 people from all over the world.

Over 125 Scottish clans were represented in what was described as the largest Highland Games in Scotland's history.

A clan convention also took place, also the largest recorded meeting of chiefs.

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Watching event from Ruins of St. Anthony's Chapel at the foot of Arthur's Seat
The Gathering 2009, Edinburgh The picturesque ruin of St Anthony's Chapel stands on a flat outcrop of rock, overlooking St Margaret's Loch, on the northern side of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

The Chapel was originally a simple slate-capped building with a 40 foot high tower, and appears in a view of the city as early as 1544. It remains an enigma, however, for neither the date of its construction nor its purpose is known. There is a clear view of the Chapel from Leith and the Firth of Forth, and it is possible that a light was hung in the tower to guide ships so that they could acknowledge the Saint. There was almost certainly a connection between the Chapel and the Knights Hospitallers of St Anthony in Leith. St Anthony was born in 250AD and founded the first monastery in history. His relics were associated with cures for the painful skin disease, erysipelas, which was known as St Anthony's Fire. This disease was a serious problem in Edinburgh in the 15th century and a hospital was established in Leith in 1430 for its treatment. Another tradition says that the Chapel was founded for reasons connected with St Anthony's Well, a spring which rises on the slopes immediately below the Chapel.

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