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FotoFling Scotland is the online gallery of Scottish photo enthusiast Richard Findlay.

Richard shares his passion for photography featuring Scotland's people, its mountains, lochs, glens and sporting events.

He lives in Edinburgh, which as a city provides a rich resource for capturing great architecture, history, street photography & festival events. He also travels throughout the UK and Europe shooting for love, fun and experience.

Photo use requests: Any request for permission to use a shot is usually given a positive response.

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All constructive comments are welcome and much appreciated - just add to the comment box below each photo/gallery

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Richard Findlay - FotoFling Scotland "Fotos with a Scottish Twist"

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  • Tranter Dewy

    on November 11, 2016

    Evening buddy. Love your Flickr feed, but here you are with your own place. Keep up the art, you're champion at it. And cheers for bringing Frazer Hirsch into my world.